The one and only traditional industry affiliate platform.

The first Multi Affiliate Platform with outstanding earning potentials. NEXUS Global offers you different products in combination with an incredible compensation plan, Binary and Unilevel via involving the European traditional industry.

NEXUS product world

NEXUS Global opens the doors to many billion dollar markets for their clients and affiliates and this happens with the backup of highly honourable companies which provide the exclusive NEXUS products. Furthermore the profound expert levelknowledge of the advisory board completes NEXUS

Product overview

Purchase of hashpower packages
Full automated FOREX Trading with Forex Explosion
Forex Trading with Argus FX & ArgoMarkets / 2 Pro Trader strategies
MEGA ICO CoinAnalyst + passive income AFTER the end of the ICO
RedEagle ICO, a Reiner Stemme company, real traditional industry reverse ICO.
Bitcoin Mining

Binary Plan

Direct Sales Bonus 10% – World 1+2
You can earn 10% direct sales commission for a direct referral. The 10% are calculated from the mining package price your direct referral activates.
We want to give everybody a chance to participate with our free package
in our system.
This bonus is a binary plan related bonus!

The way into the crypto world

Planning and structuring in November 2017
Operational start has been in May 2018
May – December 2018 creating the infrastructure of NEXUS world wide expansion 2019. With over 128.000 partners one of the fastest growing companies in the industry active on all continents, core markets Europe, Africa, Asia, Latin America

Offices Worldwide

Europe Main Offices in London and Salzburg.
More offices in Stuttgart and Johannesburg, Hanoi and Manila.
Individuals from the political scene and high potentials from the economy sector are part of the NEXUS advisory board


Simple control panel in the NEXUS Backoffice
No automatically prolongation of the contract or other strange clauses
In global comparison with our competitors, NEXUS is placed under the top3 regarding the amount of mining pay-outs

Mining Packages










Mining for everyone

  •  Bitcoin hash power packages for every purse
  • From as low as 25$ possible
  • Packages are freely selectable, no limits per account
  • Even with the mining results one can buy an additional package
  • Commission can be earned in the binary plan

No Prolongation of Contract

  • No automatically prolongation of the contract or other strange clauses
  • In global comparison with our competitors, NEXUS is placed
    under the top3 regarding the amount of mining pay-outs

Guaranteed Mining Products

  • Daily pay-outs of the mining results
  • Start of the pay-outs after the 21st day

With us you are guaranteed to find the right mining product for your financial situation and can start to profit in no time at the crypto market.

Nexus Global News

Excellent Partners


Take advantage of the Nexus Global Investment Opportunities






World 1 + 2

At Nexus Global, we want to give everybody the posssibi;ity to participate related to average income of his or her home country. Strong countries World 1, and economic weaker countries World 2.

Earn Unlimited

The commission from the direct sales bonus is not capped, you can earn unlimited and get paid for free with our free package for up to 30 days.

Maximize Your Income

NEXUS Global opens the doors to many billion dollar markets for their clients and affiliate. Furthermore the profound expert level knowledge of the advisory board completes NEXUS

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Web Wallet, Explorer Release

Dear Nexus supporters, the testing group is already closed and only several of you, who will be contacted soon by our team, can test the blockchain. You will receive all the necessary information concerning test-net eWallet login process. For newsletters subscription sign your email below.

Faces behind

Christian Michel Scheibener
CEO & Co-Founder
Christian Michel Scheibener works for almost 20 years in the cooperate and sales sector. His career is based on a graduated university study in cooperate finance, many years of leadership experience and an active Multi-Level-Marketing career and ICO/STO/FOREX are his favorite topics. As a Crypto enthusiast it is an honour for him, to lead NEXUS Global into unimagined heights.
Michael Thomale is an entrepreneur since 27 years. He has a lot of experience in the sector of consulting, he is active as a shareholder in some companies and his core skills are exit strategies and ICO and IPO. He is the CMO of NEXUS Global.


Project Timeline

We are here for you to help!

NEXUS Global "Grand African Ambassador election 2019!"

NEXUS people should elect their favorite two people, one man and one woman, to represent NEXUS Global on the African continent and the world.

Those characters should be wise, respectful and full of passion to help other to their very own success.
Here you can propose now one person of your choice. Good luck! The 10 people, 5 women and 5 men, with the most hits, will be part of the grand election. The election will take place online the 18th of August 2019 at

*The person who takes a part in the election needs to have an active, KYC verified and binary eligible NEXUS Account.